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Eyelid Aesthetic

Eyelid Aesthetic

Upper or lower eyelid surgery, performed successfully by Operator Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ, is performed not only for aesthetic but also for health reasons. The person feels tired in the eyes, the weight collapses, and it is difficult to read if there is an excess of the upper eyelid. Drooping or frowning of the brows is caused by an excess of the upper eyelid. This gives the impression that the person is sad or tired.


Eyelid Health

Eyelid surgery, whether upper or lower, is performed for both aesthetic and health reasons. If you believe you are suffering from an eye problem, our health team, led by Operator Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ, can assist you. If there is an excess of the upper eyelid, the person will feel tired in her eyes, her heaviness will collapse, and reading will be difficult. Drooping or frowning of the brows is caused by an excess of the upper eyelid. This gives the impression that the person is calm, sad, or tired..


Eye Contour Aesthetics

Swelling, sagging, excess, lower eyelid wrinkles, lower eyelid bagging and sagging, frown lines, crow's feet, forehead lines, sebaceous glands on the eyelid, and bruises can all be treated with aesthetic interventions. In some cases, Botulinum Toxin or cosmetic products can be used to treat these issues. However, it's still a good idea to seek expert advice at this point. You can obtain the information you require by visiting the Operator Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ clinic. The majority of surgical procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia. The Operator Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ and her experienced team will determine such details as a result of the examinations they will conduct.


Surgery Process

Even though the patient's waiting time for operations performed in our clinic is at the discretion of the operator, Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ, general judgments about eye surgery can be made. On the same day, the person can return home. There is no difficulty seeing because the eye is not covered by the dressing. After the surgery, there is no visible scar on the eyelid. The eyelid is the best healing tissue. The excess skin on the upper lid of the eye, which is the fat mass that causes the bagging, is removed during the upper eyelid operation.


After the Operation

After the examination, our surgeon, Operator Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ, will discuss the factors that will influence the surgery decision, such as age, skin condition, and other physical and medical factors. Sagging, bagging, and a tired expression on the eyelids are all eliminated with this procedure. Furthermore, the excess in the upper eyelid causes eye heaviness and fatigue. The person may fall asleep while reading or working at the computer as a result of this problem. The procedure makes the person appear younger and more vibrant.