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Eyebrow Lifting

Eyebrow Lifting

The soft tissues of the forehead are tightened during a brow lift or forehead lift procedure, giving your forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows a younger contour. There are a variety of brow lifting techniques that use sections of varying lengths in different areas. Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ and her team will make the necessary savings so that you can have this operation done in the most precise way possible. It's common for the brow to become straight or horizontal as we get older. If your expression is being obstructed by a drooping brow, a brow lift is a tried-and-true way to rejuvenate the upper part of your face.


Eyebrow Lifting Operations

Thousands of people have successful brow lift surgery each year and are pleased with the results. However, choosing specialists in these operations would still be the best option. In light of years of experience, operator Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ and her experienced team perform this operation, which will make you look younger.


When Should Eyebrow Lifting Be Considered?

A tired, sad, or moody appearance is created by drooping or low eyebrows. If you have deep horizontal wrinkles on your forehead, frowning lines or furrows between your brows or on the upper part of your nose, or excess skin or adipose tissue hanging over your eyes, eyebrow lifting with Operator Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ is a good option.


Considerations Regarding Eyebrow Lifting

Because the technique used to perform brow lifts is so important to the outcome, it's also critical to select the right clinician to perform these procedures. Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ, the operator, attracts attention with her extensive experience and dozens of successful operations. Brow lifts make you appear more cheerful, friendly, and approachable. Furthermore, this procedure repositions drooping or low brows that hang over the upper eyelid. For the proper and safe management of the operation, you can rely on Operator Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ's expertise.


Who Can Prefer

You can trust Operator Doctor Nazlı EKŞİ, a board-certified surgeon, to determine whether a brow lift, blepharoplasty, or both procedures would be beneficial to you. Candidates for brow lift and eyelid surgery who are in good general health, positive outlook and realistic expectations are the most likely candidates.